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"Energised for the day ..... Felt more awake than if I'd woken up an hour later and drunk a large costa with a triple shot. Ate a lot more at lunchtime." Sam Winter from Bulb

"A good level of fun and well balanced so everyone could take part with different levels of fitness"

"It's such a great way to get to know the people you work with. The whole team are hooked!"

"This mornings workout was great and I am feeling refreshed. Sonny's very friendly, entertaining and seems to know his stuff!" Roddy from Efsharp

A huge thank you to Motivatept and a special mention to Sonny & Aaron who had excellent customer service skills and went that extra mile to make everyone feel included. Gemma @ Eclipse

Our Mission

Our personal mission is simple: to make a wave amongst corporates and breathe life into companies.

We want to help all companies, big and small, to invest in their employees’ health & wellness in a much more meaningful way.

Given our corporate backgrounds, we understand the pressures, but we also have many ideas to help you find an incredible solution. The old-fashioned 9-5 is dead and it’s time for everyone to embrace and enjoy a much more dynamic age.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can take part in a session?

We work with corporates of all different sizes, from small start-ups to large corporations. Our group sizes vary from 3 individuals to up to 20 individuals. We would normally keep the ratio of one personal trainer to a maximum of 20 employees, so that the personal trainer can properly cater to all individuals.

Where will we train?

We can train anywhere of your choosing. We are skilled at transforming any ordinary space into a training ground. Some of our corporate clients like to use their foyer, or an empty boardroom whereas other corporates prefer to train outside, anywhere from a park to an empty parking lot!

Do the same employees need to attend each session?

No they do not! We can train different teams each week or different individuals, depending on how you wish to rotate sessions or share them amongst your employees. To receive the maximum benefits it would be preferable to consistently train at least once a week but we appreciate that this isn’t always possible.

How often should we train in a week?

We would recommend taking part in at least one session a week in order to fully benefit from personal training and see the physical improvement. We expect our clients to get stronger, faster and fitter each week, but we can only do this if we work with you on a consistent basis.

What type of exercises will we do during a corporate fitness session?

Corporate fitness sessions are high energy, focused on having fun and full of variety. We will ensure that no two sessions are the same, although we will always try to incorporate your interests. We currently run circuit classes, boxercise classes, yoga classes, HIIT sessions and we lead running clubs. We are always open to new ideas and remaining creative so that we can deliver an exceptional service.

Do we need to provide equipment for the sessions?

We are a mobile personal training agency, which means that all of our trainers are used to training clients and getting incredible results without the use of costly and complicated equipment. We believe in a back to basics approach when it comes to training, which means that we won’t expect you to provide anything. The only instances you will need to provide equipment is if you want us to run specialised sessions, e.g. yoga will require yoga mats, or a boxing class will require pads and gloves, but we can always help with making suggestions about the least costly way to implement a programme.

What pricing and what packages do you offer?

A link to our packages and prices can be found here.

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