All companies wish for their employees to deliver their ‘best’ at work. This is a high order when many companies don’t provide the tools to help their workforce to ‘feel’ their best. Long working hours, long commutes, lack of office space and high workloads are what the average Londoner faces on a daily basis.

Very few of us are granted an hour in the week to stop, breathe and recharge so we are better able to cope. We are inundated with research that very clearly links the benefits of fitness at work, to our performance at work. We list the very best reasons for why corporate wellness should be taken more seriously by every company leader.



Endorphins are relaxed after exercise, which are our ‘happy hormones’.  Exercise is one of the most inexpensive and sure-fire ways to turn a bad day into a good one. Happy and motivated employees are able to be more productive at work and will boost your employee retention rates. It also helps to create the kind of company culture that will attract more high calibre employees. Research shows that people who benefit from exercise on a regular basis easily outperform those that don’t in their professional lives.



The restorative power of fitness reduces our stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline.  High levels of stress can be extremely debilitating, and can lead to underperformance at work and absenteeism. Stress currently affects 16% of British workers and costs employers a staggering £460m a day.



Most Londoners and full time workers are time poor. Despite our best intentions to exercise, for many of us it is finding the time, which is the greatest obstacle. Being granted an hour in the week, before, after or during work is the simplest way to ensure your wellbeing does not come secondary to your career.  It also demonstrates that our bosses have an understanding of our changing circumstances. Due to unaffordable housing, more of us have longer commute times. With the rise of technology we are ‘online’ and working longer than ever before.



How well do you know your colleagues? You will spend more time with them than with your friends and family, but the truth is that most of us barely know our colleagues at all.  Fitness in the workplace creates a more fun and tight knit culture. It breaks down barriers and hierarchy between employees and fosters deep-rooted team bonding. This is hugely beneficial from a social and corporate perspective.



There can be no greater indicator of ‘care’ than investing in your employees’ wellness. Granting them the time and permission to train is a very powerful way of signalling your interest in their personal wellbeing. It is much more impactful than just subsidising gym memberships, which don’t actually lead to action.  The most powerful way to ensure your teams are happy and healthy is to bring fitness directly to them.