As the New Year comes into play, new trends also start to arise. Throughout the recent years, HR have been constantly discussing and improving employees’ experiences. Goodbye long hours and hello working from home. Given all the companies we have been working with, across different sectors and sizes, here are our predictions for the year ahead.


Creating Company Culture

Companies are now adapting and enhancing the personality of the company throughout the workplace, we will start to see even more of this catching on throughout 2018. Developing culture helps to define the environment, company mission, ethics, values, and goals. By creating this vibe, it improves employees’ motivation and empowers each individual. We will see more companies redesigning their workplace operations, ensuring that they are developing a workspace that fits their employees and brand.


Tapping into Technology

As technology advances year after year, there is an increasing opportunity for companies to use this advance to their advantage. With an acceleration of resources online, it is becoming increasingly easier to have access to unlimited information at our fingertips. We shall start to see even more apps and software being developed to aid employees. There will also be more e-learning materials online to enhance each individual’s knowledge and expertise. Today’s employees want more from their employers – they’re on the lookout for more opportunities for self-development and growth, daily coaching and feedback. Companies are now using technology to meet the companies and employees demands which will ensure they’re helping employees to reach their highest potential, which in return will help to retain top talent throughout the company.


Adding Physical Workspace

Farewell to traditional corporate offices, companies are now embracing desk sharing and communal areas. Next year we will start to see companies creating workspaces that empower engagement, innovation, and relaxation. From artwork hanging on the walls to canteen areas, this new direction will allow employees the ability to move around, to develop relationships and improve their overall experience throughout their working hours. This is hugely beneficial in ensuring optimum productivity.


Flexible Working

A lot of studies have been shown to that regular breaks, manageable working hours really increases productivity. Goodbye late evenings in the office and hello feasible working hours. With added commute time, companies are now moving towards adopting a flexible working approach, by offering employees the option of working from home or from their preferred location, for example, a local coffee shop. Research has proven on many occasions that this increases employee morale, commitment, and engagement.

Companies are now recognizing the value of ensuring employees have a work-life balance. It is becoming more and more obvious that work and personal pressures are creeping into the workplace. Now we are seeing a new development of companies promoting ways to mitigate stress. One excellent and proven way is to bring fitness into the working environment.


A Focus on Wellbeing

It is really great to see so many companies taking the initiative to help employees manage their stress levels. Companies big and small are starting to invest in their employees’ health & wellness, we can see this movement continuing and expanding throughout 2018. MotivatePT is helping fitness become accessible to all. This allows employees the opportunity to exercise throughout their lunch breaks or before/after work. This not only encourages physical well-being, it also has an impressive impact on mental well-being also.