The best performing companies all have one thing in common; happy employees. People are more inclined to work hard if they feel motivated, satisfied, and challenged. There are several ways to measure employee happiness levels and we will point out each of these throughout the blog post.

There’s a certain saying, “happy wife, happy life”, which is also extremely relevant to the workplace. While it may seem that keeping customers and clients happy is the most important aspect of a business, keeping employees satisfied is equally as important. When employees are happy productivity increases, hiring qualified employees is an easier task, and the overall confidence of the organization is improved.

Employee happiness inspires productivity.”


What are KPIs?

Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, is a measurable value that determines how effectively and efficiently a company is achieving business objectives. When developing objectives for your business, you want them to be relevant and valuable. When determining your business’ objectives, use the SMART criteria: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-frame. KPI’s help an organization strategically evaluate their success at reaching targets. There are two types; low and high KPI’s. Low KPI focuses on the processes in specific departments such as sales or marketing. High KPI focuses on the overall success of the organization.


The one that got away..

There is always that one employee that leaves you in a state of astonishment at the end of the day from all their hard work. You never want to see those employees leave, but unfortunately it happens. There are several ways to discourage employees from leaving and encourage others to apply. Every employee is different and each have their own unique goals and desires. There are some important strategies for retaining good employees such as; paying at or above the market rates, providing good benefits, and have them feel appreciated by the employer. The first important job to do when a new employee gets on board is orientation. It’s crucial for new employees to understand the culture and to know they will have guidance at work.


Employees confidence skyrockets

There are many studies on how happiness increases confidence. When you’re happy, you’re optimistic, outgoing, and excited. It’s crucial for one to work on their self confidence because it opens up so many opportunities that helps build your career. The inner critic that everyone has needs to be silenced in order to embrace your full potential. Self confidence is the key to having a happy and successful career.


Happiness increases productivity

Having happy employees is extremely crucial to a successful business, as it can increase productivity by 12% . Not only are employees more productive, but they also care more about their work, loyal to their company, more punctual, and healthier. As well as having many benefits, with one happy employee comes many happy employees. There is a multiplier effect. Being happy is contagious; everyone wants to be around those in a good mood.


Happiness is linked to how we feel towards our work

Happiness correlates to positive feelings towards the work you are completing. Work life balance is of the utmost importance; too much work can be destructive. Since we spend most of our lives working, it plays a key role in our happiness. Some ways to increase happiness in your workplace is to find a sense of purpose, be future oriented, and leave personal problems at home.  All of these are essential for creating a encouraging work environment.


Fitness is a competitive outlet

Rather than taking your frustration out on a fellow co-worker, sweat it out. Fitness is a great way to let out negative energy that has built up and by implementing a corporate fitness program, this would increase positivity in the office.