Employee motivation is one of the biggest dilemmas facing virtually every company, big or small. In an age where everything is becoming digitised or automated, companies are able to control many processes better than ever before. However, getting the most out of your human workforce isn’t something that will ever be as straightforward. And as we all know, a company is only ever as strong as it’s employees.

There are many ways to waste money on employee wellness and there is also one tried & tested solution, but first it is important to recognise if a problem exists at your company.


Many companies bury their head in the sand. Business leaders are so far removed from their workforce, that they fail to recognise that there is a problem. Or, if they have noted the lack of cohesion and engagement amongst their teams, they don’t tackle it, and lose out on revenue, growth, and profits. If you are taking this approach, your company will suffer.

All companies should be prepared to invest time, money and attention into nurturing their staff. The companies that do this will see their companies grow and the productivity of their staff reach new levels.

I am going to share a great way that companies are able to motivate their employees successfully, but firstly I want to share some common examples of poorly thought out employee motivation schemes and explain why they don’t work.


EXAMPLE: Taking your employees for a drink after work

We are all great at gathering at the pub after work. We drink a little too much, get home later than expected and feel worse for wear the next day. Although, there is no denying that a few drinks after work is fun, this isn’t for everyone. Some employees won’t attend because of issues like childcare costs & travel. Other employees may not drink and therefore feel excluded.

As a business leader you are unlikely to get any return on your investment at the bar. Wouldn’t you rather energise your employees?

EXAMPLE: Go-Karting for the day

You’ve hit your sales target for the year so your boss takes the team go-karting for the day. This is a one-off activity that is short lived and means you spend a whole day unable to stay on top of your day-to-day tasks. Wouldn’t you rather implement something more memorable and long term that will get the most from your employees all year round?

EXAMPLE: Hurrah, it’s 3pm – here’s cake!

Cake Culture in the office is the laziest way to get a response from your employees. Whilst they might love the five minutes spent tucking into cake, the results are a sugar slump exactly 60 minutes later. Cake culture is responsible for the obesity crisis facing stagnant office workers across the country.


I can share with you one solution that is tried and tested and there is no down-side for either the employer or the employee. Investing in employee fitness is a sure-fire way to motivate your team, increase their fitness levels and show them that you care about their health and wellbeing.

A company fitness session will increase team bonding, help break down hierarchy and help release those feel good endorphins that will have you buzzing with ideas for the rest of the day.

Just one hour a week, every week, gives your employees a clear signal that you want to invest in them. It is long term. It makes it clear that you recognise their human needs; employees are not robots – they need physical activity to stay on top of their game. You recognise that is unnatural for them to be stagnant and at their desks all week long.

The business leaders we work with have noted higher levels of enthusiasm and interaction on the office floor after a team session. The employees have quoted that they feel ‘more loyal’ to their employer and ‘more able to manage stress’ after a group fitness session.

The results are in: invest properly in your employees and the returns are exponential.