In the world of fitness, September is officially the new start to your year. The days are lighter and brighter than January, and you are still glowing from your holiday. Kids go back to school, students go back to university, and you are back in a busy office again! Heading back to reality can be difficult. Especially when you’re not feeling as body confident as you were at the start of the summer.

A new study by Pinterest reported that 59% of people want to make positive changes to their lifestyle this September and around 69% believe small improvements in September are more effective than the standard and often empty New Years resolutions that we all make (usually feeling worse for wear!).

At MotivatePT, we have seen a huge increase in clients wanting to get fit and active after an over-indulgent summer. Many of our clients who are professionals are headed back to work and know that a fit and active body is going to help them succeed when they tackle new projects and briefs this September. We believe fitness not only benefits you physically, but that it also boosts your mental state.

On the 8th September we ran our inaugural event in Paddington. We invited busy working professionals, who were returning fresh from their holidays to work out with us at the start of the day. We asked a sample of them how they ‘felt’ a day before the workout. The responses were as expected – ‘lethargic’, ‘de-motivated’, and most felt that they had gained weight over the holidays.

“I always lose my mojo over summer” Nina K, Medical Practitioner in Paddington

The premise for our #Sweatworking event was simple. I believe that fitness is a fantastic way to feel energised and meet new people, who have a shared interest. I have always felt that traditional networking in The City, can at times be daunting, ineffective and dull. By bringing together professionals in Paddington, we firstly helped people to connect with their neighbours. We wanted them to get to know people from the offices, and buildings that they probably walked past every day. We also wanted people to kick-start their working year in the most positive way possible.

The workout took place at 7.30am, and after 45 minutes of a high-energy fitness class, we networked over a healthy breakfast and smoothies. It was important that we captured how our attendees felt throughout the rest of the day. It was a qualitative study, to see if there was any improvement in their productivity, their energy levels and their happiness.  100% of our 25 participants said they felt more ‘productive’ for the remainder of the day.

‘YES! – I am usually not a morning person but this workout gives me more energy for the rest of the day, and the rest of the week.’Maryline G, Cerner

All of our participants agreed that the workout would benefit their workplace and their colleagues also. The networking aspect also worked. After an intense workout, the release of endorphins and serotonin helps to ‘fight the blues’. We are social animals and working out with others helps to drive motivation, healthy competition and interaction. It naturally lowers barriers within groups so that by the time you network, introducing yourself to a stranger doesn’t seem quite so scary.  

“In the morning I felt very awake, energetic and ready to tackle anything!” Sarah, Which

To experience a workout at your company offices, email us at with your contact details and your company name.