WeWork Paddington – September 2016

This September, MotivatePT ran it’s inaugural #Sweatworking event. We believe that working out should be a part of everyone’s working week.

We invited businesses and working individuals based in Paddington to join us for a morning workout, and as the name suggests, a networking session with a difference.

Getting sweaty and fit with a group of strangers, is one of the most fun and effective ways for companies to break down barriers and hierarchy within their organisations. We also think it helps professionals to network with others in a much more natural way.

We provided breakfast, courtesy of our partner Pic’s and partnered with fun and exciting fitness brands to demonstrate just how tasty, healthy can be!

We asked our attendees, if they felt more productive and energised following the session and the results signaled an outstanding YES!

Email us at companyfitness@motivatept.co.uk if you would like an invite to one of our future Sweatworking events.
Experience it for yourself.

Read our #Sweatworking blog from our founder Harkirat

Our Testimonials

"I am usually not a morning person but this workout gives me more energy for the rest of the day, and the rest of the week."  |  Maryline

"In the morning I felt very awake, energetic and ready to tackle anything! I particularly enjoyed exercising in a group and working hard at 7.30am"  |  Sarah 

"I was in such a good mood! It feels really good to work out in the morning, and found the workout to be intense but fun! And I enjoyed the peanut butter bagel too! Also, the location was amazing; plus really nice to be able to take a shower after the workout."  |  Candice 

"I felt very much more awake after the session than I did before. Having an excuse to get active combined with being able to meet lots of interesting people was the best thing."  |  Fran

"Even though this was the earliest I woke up last week I went to bed late, after a long productive day."  |  Noam

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