If you want to enhance team bonding, improve employee morale, reduce stress, and improve productivity (amongst other things) then knowing the top workplace fitness challenges for 2017 will help you.

The implementation of workplace fitness programs is one of the most cost effective ways to encourage wellness in the workplace. Here are some quick guidelines to make sure you choose the most suitable challenge for your workforce and that it has the biggest impact:

  • Consider offering incentives and prizes.
  • Encourage friendly competition.
  • Encourage employees to set personal goals.
  • Ensure that the challenge you choose is accessible for all employees. Consider all fitness levels and physical ability. The goal is maximum engagement, so ensure that nobody can feel left out.

Here are some challenge ideas to get you started and on the way to a happier, more productive working environment. Bear in mind that you’ll want to personalise each challenge to suit your team, and that most of all, it should be fun!


The ‘Bike To Work’ Challenge

Encourage employees to bike to work if possible. You could make this a challenge that takes place just one day a week over a length of time. To make it more appealing, make sure there’s something nice and healthy to eat when they arrive!


The ‘Up Your Steps’ Challenge

People are advised to get 10,000 steps in per day, but the majority of people get much less than this. This is especially true for those with sedentary jobs! Setting the up your steps challenge could be as simple as giving everybody a cheap pedometer (or downloading an app) and asking everybody to log their steps at the end of the day/week. This could be a challenge that takes place over several weeks, and can be done individually or in teams. Taking the stairs rather than the lift is a great way to get more steps in, and you can encourage this by decorating the stairs and making them more motivational!


The ‘Training For A Fun Run’ Challenge

Doing a fun run together could encourage more teamwork and communication in the long run. However, training for the fun run is also important! You could set up a weekly meeting regarding training and nutrition, and even set a little time aside to run together if possible.


The ‘Overall Wellness’ Challenge

The overall wellness challenge can encourage employees to focus on a personal health goal of theirs over the place of several weeks. You could then set up fitness and nutrition advice to help them achieve their goals once they have been put in place. Allowing employees to set their own goals and then helping them to achieve what they want could help everybody to get on board with the idea of being fitter in the workplace.